- Homero Chacon
Good morning!
I want to share with all of you the pleasant experience of being able to live in HighPoint Club. A few months ago I was looking for a pleasant place with a good atmosphere for my wife, my daughters (6 and 4 years old) and me. After looking in many residences we arrived at Highpoint looking for information, we did not know that we had to make a previous appointment to be treated but that day, fortunately, she was in the place Jamilia Jones, she is a Leasing Consultant, we explained that we did not have appointment but she saw her watch and said she had time for us, gave us the information, checked the computer, availability, explained all the procedure to be able to rent the apartment, the documents that we had to consign and the waiting times that we had to have in how much if we decided to move. He was with us almost 3 hours attending us with a lot of kindness. After leaving the place without thinking much, we collect all the corresponding documents and apply to move. In just 1 week we had everything ready, documents, the apt in perfect condition. We already have a few weeks living here and on the scale of 1 to 10 without hesitation I give them a 10. Not only Jamilia Jones but the entire team that makes up the High Point Club, from its Manager, all the advisors, the maintenance among others.
Very thankful! I wish you the best,

Regards! Homero Chacón y Familia.